Finding The Glory in Picking Up The Shit

I’m on a dog-sitting tour going to multiple houses in multiple cities. Staying at homes that are much bigger and more lavish than my own. Watching dogs that are wonderful, annoying, and sweet.

They cozy up to me on chairs when I’m writing on my computer. They lean against me when I am in the kitchen making a smoothie. They jump onto the bed with me and nuzzle their bodies into the spot between my legs, just under my knees. They smile with their eyes and they also look ridiculously pathetic at times. They cry and howl and keep me up at night. They are completely incapable in their domesticated life to handle anything like walking in the streets without the guidance of a leash. They are in essence completely in my care.

The ups to dog-sitting are living out the fantasy of some other life. A localized stay-cation complete with a view of the city from a perch on the hills or patio with a tree lined yard. It’s a veritable grab-bag of fun and would be like being a child playing house if it wasn’t for a couple of things. Taking care of creatures means you are responsible for maintaining the training of not barking at every passer by, not walking into the kitchen or jumping on the fancy couch or scratching the door. You have to keep them on a schedule of walks and feeding. And, you, my friend, have to pick up their shit.

This is my metaphor for adulthood.

You kind of play at life like you know what you’re doing until you’ve done it enough to actually believe that this might be your life. It’s fun and different and new. Until the real-real steps in and shows you that there is some shit you’re going to need to scoop up in a little baggy shaped glove and carry around with you for a few blocks until you find a neighbor’s trash can... that you won’t get busted for dumping it in.

The shit I refer to is the bad stuff you try and want to get rid of but hold onto for probably longer than you should. And you clean up after yourself because you’re responsible and you want to be respectful of others. You are not one to make a mistake and leave it behind. 

You are an adult.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t make mistakes. In fact, the fact that you are an adult means you are prone to making mistakes and have been for a really long time. And that's okay. Because all these little shit piles are things that you can move on from. You can learn your lesson and keep moving. You can cheerfully trek up the hill with pep in your step, your tongue slightly askew, and a little slobber dribbling out. Okay, I've been with dogs a little too long.

All this is to say…

There will be shit, there will be days that feel tedious and troublesome and your job is to find the glory. Be grateful for your day, you life and the things that you’re able to do. Make today a great day and tomorrow will follow.

Heather Kohos