Rejection, Shmejection...


The word leaves a bad taste in your mouth...

No one likes it because it means you "weren't enough" or "weren't right" but it is an inevitable experience. We feel the rejections the most... that we wanted the most. It's slightly unpleasant.

When you hear “ I (or We) don’t want you.” it’s like stepping in poo and swallowing a bug at the same time. You feel icky from your head to your toe. You literally might get a stomach ache or a headache or even so much as to pass out (it has been known to happen).

And from there, once the dust has settled, you can approach things rationally which means you’ll do one of the following things…

You’ll crumble into an emotional puddle of tears. It happens. You are have a heightened emotion because of the time and vision you’ve invested. It takes time to get through these emotions but you do get through them.

You’ll get angry. Understood. You’re feelings are hurt and the next best response is total and utter rage. But it’s wasted energy. It doesn’t help you move through it. You’ll most likely make yourself sick.

You’ll move on unscathed… The reality is that rejection does leave an imprint but if you can shift your perspective and understand that what is meant to happen usually does you won’t let it leave a scar… but more of a freckle.

And, finally, you will do your best to prove “them” wrong. That’s cool. Some of the best athletes, musicians, actors, entrepreneurs created some of the most wonderful things because someone once told them they couldn’t. Get down with your bad self and make some shit happen.

As gross as it feels there is a lot of good in rejection.

It teaches you that you have to really know what it is that you want… why you want it… why it should want you.

It teaches you your own value.

So starting today, ask for “them” to reject you. Because you want to have a fire in your belly to really get the things that you want… wish for… deserve. The possibilities are exponential. Your job… your person… your life is out there.

Like I said before, get down with your bad self and make some shit happen.