Woowoo Energy Stuff, Yes the Crunchy Granola Type

I don’t want to turn anyone off by getting too hippy-dippy. I know where cynical people go when they hear or read things that feel a little too woowoo. Negative Nellyville. I lived there for a long time. But I had to move. Too much misery. Living in a perfectly fine place of cynicism and sarcasm you have a decent time… in misery. Because everything around you is mostly negative. Have you ever noticed that the minute you see something you see it everywhere?

In 2004 I bought a car that was brand new in the market, an awesome silver box (wagon). Seriously, it had been on the market for less than a year. The minute I saw it I knew I wanted it because it was weird and different and also, let’s be real, cute. My grandparents made a big deal about this car. They’d never seen anything like it… not even commercials. And I kid you not, a week later my grandma came to me and told me that every day she had seen at least three “Scion’s boxes”.

Current day, I’m sitting at a café looking through my Facebook feed and the stuff coming through is, well, incredibly mindful. The insight and beauty is overwhelmingly pumping. Everyone I know is posting positivity. I went through a hate period with Facebook not too long ago because I thought everything was negative and gross. Truly turned off and wanting to delete the account in order to avoid the nasty of humanity.

So now I wonder, is the shift in my feed because some big brother algorithm shit is telling them what I’ve been looking at? Are all of my friends having some sort of evolution? Or is the shift in my feed simply because I choose to see things that I didn’t see before because I’m choosing to see differently? I’m choosing the latter. The negativity blinders have come off. And I could not be happier about it.

Most people I know have some subject that could stand a little rose-colored glass to look through. So, what’s your thing? A boss that doesn’t appreciate you. A family that doesn’t get you. A living situation that isn’t quite what you wanted at this juncture in your life.

Try something for me. Start your morning as follows:

·      Wake Up

·      Put on some music that makes you dance around in your underwear

·      Dance until you lose yourself

·      Catch your breath

·      Get a cup of tea or coffee

·      Sit down with a pen and a journal

·      Now write.

o   What are you grateful for this morning? Take five minutes every day to record this. *It can be as simple as breathing or as complex as the job that affords you the ability to spend time with your kick ass friends on some cray weekend adventure.

o   How you feeling today? Are you looking forward to something? Are you super stoked on something that happened yesterday? Take some time to journal about it.  

I like to wake up early even though I’m a night person. So it isn’t hard for me to get up and take this time for myself. I know it can be hard for some and you might want to do this before bed. I find starting your day with that time is best for me, BUT, you do you boo. Do what’s best for you and make your own rules. Take the time for yourself. It will help you two-fold: 1. Put the positivity juice in your smokey-pipe, 2. Open your eyes to shift your feed – your life feed not just online. Take ten minutes. If you can afford it, take twenty minutes. Take the time and I promise you it will pay off. Keep doing it even though you think it’s ridiculous. Keep doing it even if it makes you laugh – actually do it to make yourself laugh – I encourage that. Keep doing it until you forget that you are forcing yourself to do it.

This is your life. Be grateful for it. Be thankful. Things could be worse. If you want other things be hopeful that they are possible and close. After all, you’re closer today than you were yesterday, right?

So, like Scion’s Box, look for that lighthouse that’s going to spiral you into a constant positive feed. And get granola-crunchy with me in feeling that the thoughts and energy you put out into the world comes back to you. It does. 

Heather Kohos