Rupaul Says So

My sister used to work in an office building in Beverly Hills. Every day that she went in there was a man who would open the door who appeared to be homeless. He was dressed shabbily. He milled about all day in front of the building. He simply spent the day opening and closing the door for the fortunately employed people who were entering and exiting this building. One day she had arms full of packages and she thanked him with a couple of bucks. He thanked her and then with a question she found out about his story. Turns out this man was not homeless. Turns out he liked being outside and he made a good amount of money standing at that door. People would give him anywhere from $1-20 bills and they were mostly respectful and kind to him. He got to spend his days outside engaging with people and loved his life.

Back in 2003 I made a list of places that I liked going to. The first place on my list was The Roxy Theatre. I loved how watching a show with the diamond shaped stage made the audience member feel like they were a part of it. I liked that it was so intimate that the audience could be a part of it. And I really liked that I saw my favorite band there a whole buncha’ times (Phantom Planet for days). It was the first place I took my resume to and the first place that called me back. I spent ten years there because every day was exciting and fun and I was a part of it.

I’m not telling you to become an unauthorized door person. And I’m not telling you to take an entry level job at a music venue – unless that’s your dream, then I say go for it. Wouldn’t it be fucking fantastic to do something that truly made you happy? That truly made you excited in the morning to go wherever you are going?

Your task for this morning is to make a list. Stream of consciousness; put down anything and everything that comes to mind that makes you happy. I MEAN ANYTHING. Look at your list and if your current situation hits at least three of those items have gratitude for covering that many because I’ll be real real when I say some people don’t hit a-one. If you don’t hit any or three isn’t enough for you look to see what you can tweak so you can tackle two of those items not covered at your current job. If you can’t shift things around start brainstorming what job you might be able to get that will cover that many. This sounds simple but I promise you it is not easy. So take your time and really think about it. If you like being outdoors maybe start working on getting a license as a fitness guru so you can take clients outside for boot camp or maybe start a day camp for adults who share a common interest with you. You have one job, party people, to live your own life. Let’s all try to spend our days doing what we love and, as the absolutely glorious Rupaul says, don’t fuck it up.

Heather Kohos