Even Jesus Did It

Back in April I went to a man who’s known as a healer. His name is Gypsy and he lives in Thailand and Vegas and travels about 85% of the year. He’s an incredible catalyst for healing but that’s a story for another time. This story is about something he told me. Specifically, he told me that as an empathic person leaving your house is not just hard it’s dangerous for us. He has people come to him at a tiny (somewhat sketchy) motel in Santa Monica when he’s in town because if he was to leave he would most likely get himself into trouble – He may have said by killing someone but that’s also another story. And what he explained is that no matter where you are in the world people show up. He explained to me that in the history of healers (Jesus being one that he talked about) people have fed them, housed them and generally taken care of them.

I have been traveling for twelve days and one thing is truly consistent, people show up. It might sound surprising in a world where skepticism and selfishness seem to reign true. And it might hold zero validity coming from me – one of the biggest skeptics in the bunch. But I’ve seen it in proven fact. I’ve seen nearly complete strangers put a roof over my head, a bed under my back and food in my hangry belly. I’ve seen people who I expected to have major judgment about my venture into this uncharted territory of catalyzing alternatively come to the plate completely in support and with guidance. (I’ve also seen some scary people but that’s reality)

Have you ever noticed if you are having a coughing fit someone comes with water or a hand to pat your back? The hand does nothing unless you are truly choking and a light pat won’t help there per the CPR certification I got back in 2006 but it’s a nice gesture. If you’re a smoker and you’ve run out of cigarettes there is always someone who can hook you up outside the bar (I’m actually very anti – but it’s an easy relatable way to explain). If your breaf is stanky (or breath) someone will have gum for you if that’s what you need. People will show up.

What does this mean for you who is reading? Look at what you need. I don’t mean money (although that does show up as well). I mean what do you need in this moment. Is it a pen to write down your phone number for the cute guy at the bar? Is it a cup of coffee before your commute? Is it a sweater because you were ill prepared for SF weather? Is it human contact because you haven’t been hugged in awhile? There are apps for that – but let’s start by looking to our people to help us. Don’t go to the adage that you are an independent person and don’t need anyone. Put your fucking ego on the shelf. We all need people. The less you need others the more you may as well move into your parent’s basement and become real socially inept.

Start looking to the community around you for what you need… whatever you need. Inevitably they will have your back. If you don’t know what you need spend some time today figuring it out. It’s okay not to know because the beautiful thing is that you can figure it out. Know what you need and ask for it without shame or hesitation. I promise you that someone will be there for you without expectation of reciprocation or payment. Test it out today. Look for something small that you need. A pen. A stick of gum. A glass of water. A glass of wine – yes, this is something someone might provide you with. And without being embarrassed ask someone to take care of you. It has to be something universal because if you ask someone for a samurai sword – obvi – that might be in limited supply. Ask. And you shall receive. 

PS. Do a Google search for Velvet Jesus Paintings. I promise you won't regret it.

Heather Kohos