What Are Your Historical Voices and How To Shut Them UP!

Do you wonder what super successful people do that's different from you?


Nothing stands in their way. They aren't scared of failure... or success. The process of attempting - floundering (but learning) and trying again - is never a deterrent because they know what the outcome will be if they "try". They don't listen to the voices that tell them they shouldn't try or won't succeed. Those voices are completely hushed by the megaphone sound of their own empowered self! 

Those nay-saying voices... Those dissuading and deterring voices... I like to call them Historical Voices.

Your personal history is comprised of things, people, times, places and experiences.  In each instance you are absorbing information through your five senses: visual, auditory, kinaesthetic (touch), olfactory (smell), and gustatory (taste). Some lessons are helpful and some are hinderances and are there to keep you "protected".  

At what point, though, does holding back from taking risks become a damaging act rather than a protective one?

My answer is ALWAYS!

In my third year of college I was presented with an opportunity from one of my mentors.

If I took it I would have had to push pause on education to go on tour... with Britney Spears... (yes, the notorious Cheetos-loving and talented International Pop-Star). I would have been a 20-year-old Polaroid camera toting meet-and-greet photographer. And it would have been my first foray into International travel - an opportunity to see the world. Slightly a big deal I would say.

I sat with the idea for a bit. Had the internal debates about good versus evil and how my life would change. But the overall dialogue was the negative ways this would impede on the life I was currently living - and not the amazing adventures that could have followed... if I was brave enough to take the leap.

I wasn't brave enough so I passed.

I make it a point not to regret anything in life. Whatever you've done has gotten you to where you currently are... And right here ain't half bad! 

But those voices... Those tricky little fuckers... 

Historical Voices are disruptive to your own personal development. They stifle your progress. They hold you in stagnancy. This is DAMAGING.

We begin learning in utero - not right when we are conceived but when cognitive activity becomes a thing. We hear and feel things and we literally are feeding off the DNA of our parents. So the fears and feelings that our parents have (or had) are going straight into us.

And the minute we are born we are learning... every single second.

We are seeing what is safe and what is dangerous. We are learning the right way to get what we want - granted sometimes our parents just want us to shut up and will give us whatever will make that happen...

We go through life... Always learning.

And what keeps us from growing, sadly, is all of these lessons. 

How do you hush those voices... and make the choices that are going to make you uncomfortable eventually shifting your entire life? 

  1. CORE FOUNDATION: understanding who you are, what you value, what you need and how you communicate this with everyone around you.
  2. DREAMS: call them out, see them as a possibility, and going for them.
  3. SUPPORT: dropping the mic on what you know is not easy and there are going to be some really scary times. 
  4. PATIENCE: masterpieces aren't born overnight.
  5. GRATITUDE: Enjoy your life!! You've been given an opportunity... so live it and be happy in it.

Some people don't need help or aren't ready to take action. Some people are courageous enough to know... that they need help. Bravery isn't only in taking a leap... it's making sure that the bungee cord will hold you until you get to the bottom.

I can be your bungee. To schedule a thirty minute introduction call click here.

Heather Kohos