Holding Out For A Hero

My little sister is over a week past due to birth her soon-to-be-real son. Daily she reminds us that nature will take it's course even though she's uncomfortable and not really loving life. The lesson, my dear friends, is that even when things are uncomfortable they are perfectly all right. The warning signs are if something is causing irreconcilable pain... then, and only then, you need to worry. 

How many times a day are you uncomfortable? Do you choose to ignore it and push through? Or like most do you choose to stop doing that which is making you uncomfortable or try to get it out of your subconscious by medicating yourself out of recognition?

Ignoring or stopping what you are doing is not going to get rid of the need. Keep going with whatever it is you are doing. Eventually you'll birth a new idea, a new feeling, a new project, a new you. 

Be uncomfortable.

Heather Kohos