Not on a Road to nowhere... Finding Your Core Foundation and Where You Go From There

When asked what you like about yourself do you have a real answer?


Do you find that you quickly throw some lie together to keep them from locking you into depression-holding?

If it's the latter I bet you think something is entirely wrong with you... and would never want to bring it up lest you be judged, mocked or shamed

Can I be honest with you? There is something wrong. It's just not with you!

The truth is... Self is not a focus in this Facebook world of Selfies. It's not important to truly connect (to yourself or to others). So you're left with surface.

Deep connection and understanding is left by the wayside because... it takes too long. You have everything at the touch of a button and if something requires even the littlest bit of patience... you swipe left. 

Life is not an online dating profile. Only knowing the surface answers of favorite food, flower, and music... feels kind of shitty.

You need a solid Core to have any sort of Foundation

The surface is only part of the core. And like any amazingly engineered machine... you are made up of many little parts and pieces. You need to know what each piece is, where it's placed and what it's function is. That is what makes you a master engineer... of yourself.

You need to know that you are the sum of ALL of your parts. And that your parts make up something pretty fucking special!

If someone comes along telling you that you are not what you believe yourself to be... and they will.. I don't want you swaying in that light breeze. The only understanding that matters right now is your own. Outside information, while welcomed, is not necessarily observed because it might not serve the you that you want to be. 

So how do you find your Core Foundation? Not so simply, simple

Get past the surface! Invest some time in self-reflection, mindfulness and gratitude practices, and look at what might be missing in your life

Know what your Values are! How do you feel about yourself and how do you want others to feel about you. If you undervalue yourself you attract people who are less than you deserve... and you deserve the best!

Understand what your Needs are! Your needs are how you care for yourself and how you have others care for you... emotionally, mentally and physically. Really look at this and make sure that you are asking for the things that you truly need (like touch, affection or truly being heard). If you aren't you will wind up never feeling satisfaction and will constantly live in loneliness.

Communicate all of the above to everyone who will listen! Make sure that the person you are speaking to not only hears what you are saying but understands it as well. Don't get caught in frustration if they don't. Adjust how you are saying it until they do get it because that is the only way you'll ever truly be heard. And to be heard is probably the most important piece of being you. Clarity is the only key here!

The "you" that is reading this is the "you" that has an opportunity to live the most satisfying life ever imaginable. 

Stop listening to other people's ideas and opinions and truly own "yourself". 

There is nothing wrong with you if you need help getting there. It just means you are human. That's why I am here to help. To schedule a 30-minute introduction call click here

Heather Kohos