Everyone's Got Demons

I just read that a pretty influential teacher in the wellness community passed away. While I never met her or studied under her practice I've seen quite a bit of the work she has put out there. Her teachings were both insightful and inspiring. I don't know the cause of death. My initial reaction because she is so young, healthy and vibrant was that the cause had to be emotional or psychological. Because I don't want to speculate or start rumors let's just say that whatever I am thinking might be more connected to myself and my own experiences. And my thoughts go out to her loved ones who are no longer able to see her shining face.

It comes up a lot with clients... they tell me I don't and can't understand the struggles they go through because I am coming from this "elevated thinking" place. And while that would be an absolutely fantastic place to live... the fact is... we are all human and that ain't reality. We all have minds that want to take control and keep us "safe" from harm or from living our full potential. We ALL get in our own way at times. We all go to the dark-side. Because, simply put, everyone has demons. 

I like to call my demon's my historical voices but po-tate-o... po-tot-toe. 

There is a slight difference though, between the experiences of my clients and myself in the current here and now. I can call out a voice as my own or as something that has demon-ish intentions. I can flip the switch to shut it down, feel compassion for the person or experience or myself, and move into the lesson I'm meant to be learning. I have bad days but I'm generally able to get myself out of it even if I have to seek out support from my circle. 

So while no one is godly and untouchable there are tools that can help even the most jaded or ill-effected person move away from Darth Vader and towards Princess Leia, to hug that little red-unitarded man with horns and a tail on their shoulder, to get a foot in the bucket and yank you out of the well of darkness you are in. 

Perspective: It's much more simple to tell someone to look for the positive then it is to actually find the positive. But if you can find the lesson in your experience and find the gratitude in the lesson you are on your way. 

Name Your Demon: Call it out. This is not your voice. This is someone else's. This debilitating, crippling, exhausting, negative, super glue soled voice belongs to your demon and if you can call that out and shush it the results will show up nearly immediately.

Jump: You're a hamster on a wheel. You're spinning uncontrollably but you are going absolutely nowhere. And you're scared that it'll hurt if you jump off. But guess what happens when a hamster jumps off... a tumble, a stumble, and standing up.

Fresh Air: Get off the hamster wheel that is spinning in your head. Go outside. Have a walk in some grass. Sit on the beach. Smell some flowers. Feel the breeze against your skin. It's crazy how nature can calm the hamster.

Do your thing: Some people create... some people dance... some people do math. Do whatever your thing is. We aren't looking to distract but we are looking to focus your mind and energy into something that can be a productive outlet. We aren't looking for perfection. We aren't expecting fame or glory. This is an exercise to do the damn thing that will ground and center you.

Communication: Make sure that you are speaking the language that people are hearing and that you are asking for what you need. Look at the people you're speaking to and see if they actually are understanding what you're asking for. If you can't tell by their eyes and facial response then ask them if they understand. If they don't you never will get what you need and you'll live forever in your frustration.

Put on your boxing gloves and fight the fear that those crappy little demons are fitting you with. You can do this. I promise you.