Expect The Worst, Hope For Dylan's Baby

On my way to help a friend build some furniture on Tuesday, I was informed that my 84 year-old grandma was in an ambulance on the way to an ER. It was a very dramatic scene with her coworkers in tears thinking they had seen her end. Luckily though, as it turns out, she didn't suffer a heart attack or a stroke but an extreme panic (or anxiety) attack. My grandmother is a salty but sweet woman with an extreme sensitivity to fear. Without getting too into her business I'm going to address all of you out there who are feeling a tightness in your chest, a loss of control and potentially some depressive emotions. 

The fact is, things we think indefinitely have some sort of physical manifestation. There are certain things that come up and hurt my heart. There are certain things that hurt my head. And there are certain things that hurt my stomach. There are also things that create inspiration and positive outcomes, as well - but for this articles purpose we'll be addressing the negatives.

What are the things that you are thinking about that are creating a negative physical manifestation in you? What are the things that are making you sick to your stomach and making you want to cry? If you believe you brushed them off, I'd like you to ask your chest why it still hurts. I'd also like you to ask your stomach why she feels like salsa dancing with a belly full of beans. I'd like to ask you to really look inside with your honesty goggles on.

And then I'm going to ask you something that I overheard someone really smart say to my grandma. What happens if you don't... accomplish that thing... hear back from that person... get that job? OR what happens if you do accomplish that thing... hear back from that person... get that job? What happens next?

Sit down and honestly assess what the worst and best case scenarios are. Most likely you'll realize that the outcome, regardless of which way the pendulum swings, is unchangeable and as such really not worth your worry or fear. And if your bigger fear is actually trying - then take the action that will get you out of the "what if's". Like they said in the SAT Episode of Beverly Hills 90210 (also known as the episode Brenda may have breast cancer), "Expect the worst. Hope for the best." You are currently holding onto feelings that are literally making you sick. Establish those worries and work on releasing them (and breathe). Otherwise you will most likely wind up in an ambulance after a dramatic scene and you might not be as lucky as my grandma.