Cats that chirp

I am sitting at a cafe in San Francisco listening to Michael Buble and posting on my social media pages (it's part of the job... being social) and life is pretty damn good. I've never been a huge fan of San Francisco but I have people here. And I've learned that when you put out the word that you'll be somewhere those local people step up for you. I was literally greeted with a bedroom with freshly placed linens, towels and a pair of guest slippers (cuz she's fancy). My friend treated me to dinner at the Presidio, consisting of mashed peas, truffle fries and a nice glass of red simply because we can. And then we laid in her bed watching a movie where Ryan Reynolds dies in the first ten minutes. I laid with a cat that literally chirps (I can't explain it but the cat chirps like a bird) and went over the day in my mind. 

I've done the drive to Northern California countless times in my life. When I was a kid my dad scheduled one stop for gas and pee breaks. The only time he stopped again was if someone had to poop. This is not an exaggeration. We didn't explore the central California depths. And while I know there isn't much to explore there is something to be said for the breeze blowing through the desolation, the smells of garlic, citrus and dust mixed with automotive. The people speeding down the street shifting from lane to lane in a hurried state and then the folks who meander (and me who is a combination of both when you have a lead foot and a banging mix of sing-worthy songs playing). And there is something to be said for the moment that you actually reach your destination. 

Today, I welcome you, party people, to go over something that you maybe have looked at or experienced a thousand times and in that have overlooked it... and find the beauty. I invite you to appreciate it. We ignore the beautiful things that life has to offer because we get so caught up with "getting there". For five minutes today, just be there. #theshiftla

Heather Kohos