The Rest is Silence: Finding Your Power and Magic

In Buffy The Vampire Slayer (the movie not the TV show) the moment she is allowing the master vampire to hold her by the neck, nearly about to be bitten and “lose her life”, she hears... nothing and is all of a sudden awake. In that nothingness is… everything. The broken silence disconnects her from the chaos instead allowing her to connect with the strength and self. Knowing that she is able to kick this guys ass is all she needs in order to actually do it. She proceeds to win the movie being both a badass and a changed woman through her moment of enlightenment and growth.

I’ve found my silence this week. Ideally I could go completely radio silent for a few weeks and people would just seek me out but alas that is not how business works. Or is it?

Last week, I asked my proverbial spiritual guide for some answers. I wanted to make sure that the moves I am making are in fact the right moves. I needed some sort of sign. All I can say is ask and you shall receive. Rainbows and sparkles presented themselves to me and I’ve been leaning into that magic. I’ve been getting rewarded and I’ve been getting results. It’s a weird phenomenon and it sounds like a bunch of hooey. But it’s real, this magic I speak of.

Do you believe in magic?

I’m not talking about the creative illusionist version of magic. I’m talking about the magic that just presents itself to you. The magic that you ask for that somehow... shows up.

Have you thought to yourself you’d really like something only to find that you receive that thing? Have you thought about someone only to get a call from them a few minutes later? That’s my kind of magic. When I was in college I was having a great day and as I was walking to my car I had a thought that there would be something on my car waiting for me. And when I got there a friend had left a fresh-picked flower on my windshield just because “he thought I would like it”.

You can connect and intuit what your next move is. I believe that you can ask “the universe” for what you need and it will provide what you actually need. I believe that when you feel lonely and need a friend someone from your past will reach out. I believe that when you feel loved something will show up to validate that. I believe in it.


I also believe that we are trained to be cynical and afraid. Cynical of things that seem outlandish and far-fetched but have proven themselves over and over again to be a reality. Afraid of things that we can’t understand and don’t know how to understand. Cavemen were afraid of what they didn’t understand. While we may have evolved as a species we are still entirely closed off to the possibilities.

So, where is the magic in you? Can you see what you’ve thought about or asked for that has presented itself to you? Can you call out the moments that are inexplicably the weirdest and most ironic moments in life? Can you see “what a small world this is”? Can you shut your fear brain down and open your eyes to the crazy in-sane magic that is right there in front of you? Find your silence. Close your eyes. Think. Open your heart. Feel. Be granola-crunchy and pull the rabbit out of the hat. So to speak.