Live Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

When a couple gets married the attendees are asked to speak now if they should find any reason why the couple shouldn’t be getting hitched. No one ever speaks up… unless it’s in a movie like The Graduate or Wayne’s World. But I’m asking you right now, is there any reason why you should be married to the life you’re living? If not speak now.

You’re meant to live a life that is inspired. You’re meant to do things that challenge and drive you. But due to fear or lack of finances or lack of freedom those challenges often are put on a shelf, because, you know, eventually I’ll do that. But what happens when you retire and realize that you’re too old to do whatever you put aside for so long. That your body, your mind or your spirit just can’t handle it? The traveling… the love… the adventure… the charity… whatever it is that you’re not doing… I’m giving you the go ahead to take action today.

That’s it. You have the permission to do what it is that your little heart desires… obviously limiting to legal things… but do it. Start planning. This week. Make a list of ten things that you’ve always wanted to do, today. And then add ten more things tomorrow. And then the next add some more. This is actually really hard to do, but give it a try. And after you’ve put those ten things down decide what one thing you can do this week that might lead you to achieve your outcome. And then next week, do it again. And keep doing it until you’ve achieved it. Because accomplishing one thing on your list means that you’ve won. And it means that the next thing on the list is a possibility as well.

Be willing to be flexible with the journey and don’t expect that there won’t be bumps in the road. But keep going. You will be able to make your dream come true. You will be able to live an inspired life.