A Constant Loop and The Crazy It Makes

This week marks the tradition of a group of people gathering in a quaint little town to see if a groundhog predicts winter. It’s a weird tradition and generally has the same outcome as the last year.

Enter… Bill Murray, the bestest. Or his notoriously awesome movie from the early 90s.

For those of you who may not have seen it, the movie is about a reporter who repeats one day of the year over and over. He does things the same for a few days. Then inserts tiny changes. Then massive changes in desperate attempts to leave this same day looping on endless repeat. He goes to all sorts of extremes and then one day… just as simply as it could be, he behaves ever so slightly different… he learns his lesson... and (spoiler alert) moves on to the next day.

I know how this goes. I like to loop a song a handful of times… but after the third or fourth time hearing it, it just becomes noise, I grow a little tired of it, and I shut it off.

So why in life do we keep going with the same behaviors?

We keep inviting people to treat us the same as past relationships. We keep spending money we don’t have to prove something. We keep living lives that other people expect of us rather than the lives we want to live. We openly abuse ourselves verbally, emotionally, and (sometimes) physically.

The reality is… you probably don’t see the lesson. You probably aren’t aware of the repeat. You probably don’t think getting black out wasted on the weekend is physical abuse if it’s numbing the reality of your boredom filled, uninspired life. Or you probably can't admit you're bored.

The only way to stop it is to see it.

Acknowledge that you are dating the same unavailable type of person. Acknowledge that you spend unnecessary money because you think things will somehow make you more valuable, make you momentarily feel more confident, or fill an emotional void.  Acknowledge that… maybe… just maybe… you don’t have all the answers figured out and might need to ask a few more questions.

Searching for answers… searching for yourself… does not make you a loser. It does not make you weak or pitiful. It does not make you ungrateful or pompous. Searching to find what’s right for you makes you strong, smart and solid. You become resolved with unwavering confidence that you are progressively existing in a forward motion without any stagnancy or any repeat.

Being open might mean more garbage will come in but it’ll also “boost your immunity” to the nasty and you’ll learn how to filter out the noise to make your body, mind and spirit completely clean... completely balanced… completely whole… completely complete.

You want to live in inspiration?

Identify the lesson.

Seek the answer.

Make the change.

You know the definition of insanity, right? Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. Albert Einstein kind of knew a few things and while this quote might be specifically targeted at science and physics… I kind of think he might have been philosophizing about life.

It might feel weird to approach life like a science project but throw yourself into the 7th grade science fair and see what results you can come up with. It'll surprise you how easily you can get out of the loop.

Let’s try to stop the insanity.