Gracious and Shit

Like any proper self-helpers, every day I wake up and go through the things I am grateful for that morning. Sometimes you feel a little full of shit and sometimes you can't control how grateful you feel to be alive and breathing and creative and contributing. And sometimes you take an action to bring those gratitudes off the paper and into an action that gives something back to someone that might be included in the grace. 

When I went on my trip up the West Coast people came out for me. They supported me and took care of me and while I thanked them numerous times through words it didn't feel like enough. It felt like I needed to do more to actually show them the love in my heart that was directed to them. And in that I began to create portraits of them. In the past I wouldn't be bold enough to expect that my art would be wanted by a person because I would get tied up in the approval or the possible risk of judgement. The beautiful thing, though, is that when you are content with yourself, judgement doesn't matter and you are able to not give a flying rat's ass about how you'll be received. You just do it. 

Today, look at what you are thankful for in your life and who you that might be directed towards. Send that person a card or an email or a text. Tell them you care about them and appreciate "x, y, z". Even if what you want to say might make you seem a little nutty or crazy - do it (and expect that you might get a questioning response as to your sanity). It doesn't matter. True love is in communicating reality with your circle. Show your skill in communication and your abilities in love and see how that makes you feel.