My name is Heather Kohos. If you Google me a few things will come up:

1) My LinkedIn profile, which shows over fifteen years of event production, marketing, and brand development

2) Articles related to Art Exhibits I have participated in

3) An article calling me a “Woman of Rock”


Here’s what you need to know:

1)    As a Assistant Program Director for two years at Otis College of Art & Design I helped structure the Summer of Art Program for high school students; handling academics, entertainment, housing, and marketing. Ten years at The Roxy Theatre on the Sunset Strip and three years consulting with multiple companies, bands, artists, and start-ups on brand development, partnership strategy, special projects, and outside the box marketing methods. Clients and partners have included: Directv, Square Enix, Survios, Toyo Tires, Purium Organics, 7Eleven, American Eagle Outfitters, Famous Stars & Straps, Smashbox Cosmetics, and VitaminWater.

2)    After a 9-year hiatus, in 2014, I tapped back into my creative. It was a mad flow of vision, passion and paint that spilled from my soul making me feel complete. Going from zero to something, I have exhibited portraits in upwards of ten group shows in Los Angeles over a period of two years with over 1000 in attendance. It was scary to try but definitely worth the discomfort.

3)    As mentioned before I spent ten years at The Roxy Theatre. These were pivotal years in my career and development as a proper support to a very powerful machine and a highly influential businessman. My rule of thumb was to stay in the sidelines and avoid the attention that connects with high profile personas but near the end of my time within the establishment I realized that comfort was not helping me move forward. In this I started taking steps at shifting my life towards happiness and wholeness. I stepped outside of my comfort zone and accepted attention wherever it approached me.

4)    When I began my path to self-reflection and development I started with my exterior working on my body at Melrose Pilates, Invisalign to help the breakage my oral misalignment was creating, and altering my diet based on findings by a wellness practitioner which addressed my health on multiple levels.  Soon thereafter I addressed my interior starting with a directional psychotherapist, moving into meditation, and a good amount of research and reading. What I’ve come to find out is that comfort is death. Not in the literal sense. When I’ve been the most uncomfortable I’ve achieved the most growth. Like a muscle that has been dormant which then gets stretched, heated up and exercised. It hurts at the beginning and eventually feels great and strong.



In the simplest terms, you shouldn’t. I’m not certified in anything. I don’t hold any degrees that would hold any relevancy. I don’t have documented data about my successes.


You will find, though, that certification is not needed with proper ability to guide and care. Degrees are helpful, but you’re not going to find many people outside of medicine, business and law that apply that degree to the career that follows. I don’t document or record data from my successes because people that work with me are entirely responsible for the choices and progress they’ve made and I don’t take credit for that. You’ll also find that every opportunity I have to fill my well of knowledge is an opportunity I take. Reading books, taking classes, sessions with spiritual guides, development and cultural excursions, one-on-one sessions with specialists, therapists, nutritionists, trainers, stylists, face and body-workers – all with the goal of the most knowledge possible in self development.



I am an ear to listen, an eye to see, and a heart to feel. I’m not a therapist, but if mental and emotional health is what you need I will help you find that. I’m not a nutritionist or trainer, but if physical health is what you’re looking for I will help you find that. I’m not a love specialist, but I will help you get the confidence and security to be your best self and eventually find love – or introduce you to a proven matchmaker or sex therapist if that is what you need. I’m not a business manager, but if financial or employment success is what you need I’ll help find you the right specialist to achieve your goal. I’m not a facilitator but a helping hand on the pathway to change. I'm not a hero and I don't want to be one.



Rainbows and sunshine and laughter and unicorns (she kids). I want everyone to live the life that they are meant to live. Life might seem like a struggle but we are capable of making decisions to stop fighting it and just jump into the wave and let it take us to where we are supposed to be. With letting go of the struggle generally you float onto the shore. Everyone has flaws and everyone has trauma. I come in without judgment or bias. I’m here to help and learn and I look forward to the journey we are about to take.


If you are ready for a change contact me.